A Priti poor state of affairs

I have never felt more ashamed to be British than right now and this is largely due to the actions or rather inaction of the UK government.

Across Europe people stand with open borders, arms, hearts and doors to welcome Ukrainians fleeing Putin’s war of aggression in their country. When those who want to get to the United Kingdom reach the channel coast they are met with an almost impenetrable wall of red tape and bureaucracy.

Boris stands up in the Commons and proclaims that we should be proud of what we have already achieved. Well done Boris, but are you sure you’ve given the Russian oligarchs enough time to move their money out?

It’s bollocks, I’m quietly incensed if that’s not an oxymoron, as I feel powerless to help or even protest. The initial calls for material help, clothing, supplies etc. were very successful so I’ve donated money to several causes all with the aim of sending funds to help Ukrainian refugees.

Well done all you 52 percenters, all you xenophobic Little Englanders, all you who were so concerned about those pesky foreigners coming over here and helping to build our civil infrastructure, drive our delivery trucks, staff our NHS, pick our fruit and vegetables, and add a little European culture to our island nation. It’s thanks to you that we now have a robust immigration policy, I hope you’re all very proud of yourselves.

For goodness’ sake Britannia, waive the rules.

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