Another sunrise, another day…

Sunrise today at my current location was at 06.53, and at 07.36 the sun appeared over the trees and rooftops from my viewpoint. Sunrise is getting earlier by about 2 minutes per day at the moment and sunset is also correspondingly getting later resulting in almost 4 minutes more daylight each day.

There is still something magical about watching the Sun rise, well, I think there is, maybe I’m just easily pleased but when you consider the physics of the whole affair, standing on this rock hurtling through space, riding the gravitational potential field of a huge gravitationally confined fusion reactor where every second somewhere over 4 million tonnes of hydrogen is converted into a slightly smaller tonnage of helium and the remainder is converted into the light and heat that we see and feel here on Earth.

Can you visualise 4 million tonnes of hydrogen? Can you visualise it being squashed together so that the very atoms are rent apart and fused into slightly bigger atoms? Astonishing really, and that’s been going on in the core of the Sun for over 4 billion years. Mind. Blown.

The Sun itself is presently some 92,025,180 miles distant (148,100,171 km in new money), Perihelion, the Earth’s closest approach to the Sun having been on January 5th.
Sunset tonight is at 17.36, latitude and longitude dependant.

Sunrise, 26 February 2020

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