I wrote “Statue” back in nineteen seventy something, it’s one of the few pieces that I don’t have a date for. I was an angst-ridden teenager trying to come up with a theory, no, a working model of the universe; how it worked, where I fitted in, why I must fit in, why girls didn’t like me. Did girls like me? They never said as much. Angst, angst, angst. I don’t think I’d like to be a teenager again, not even if I could know then what I do know now.

The only thing I miss about being a teenager is acne, acne and the ability to still believe in the future. Now that I am living in the future, from the perspective of my teenage years, it all seems so ordinary, so pedestrian… what happened?

No, that’s a bit unfair; I still have faith in the future but it is somewhat tempered by the things that I do know now and an appreciation of my capabilities and limitations.

Anyway, back to the present – and the past; as I said, I wrote this when I was 16 or 17, I can’t remember exactly but I did write quite a bit back then, I wrote with a fountain pen and I had, though I say so myself, quite good handwriting. Years of using a computer keyboard have seen that off. I still can write beautifully with a fountain pen, but it takes a lot of concentration, back then it just flowed, or so I seem to remember.


With a glimpse,
of that awful eternity,
I beheld the look in your eyes.
Empty, cold, white,
quite statue like.
Dry and motionless,
breathless and alone.

Hold my hand, stone,
reach out to me.
Hold my hand.

Timeless, breathless,
release your selfless.
Look at me,
as I look at you.
Wondering who,
you’ve remained here,
all these long years through,
just to say hello to.

Say hello to me,
hold my hand,
reach out to me.

Ageless, tireless,
pure and blameless.
You look through me,
as I look to you,
Wondering who,
you would say hello to.
How to say hello.
Just say hello to me.

Reach out,
hold my hand stone.
Say hello.

Hold my hand, stone,
quite statue like.
Dry and motionless,
empty, cold, white.
With a glimpse,
of the look in your eyes,
I embraced that awful eternity.

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