Tuesday, 31st August 2021.

Woke up, it was a grey Tuesday.
Went downstairs, brewed the tea, watched a few minutes of the (frankly depressing) news on TV.
Took the tea upstairs for the customary half hour lie-in, listening to the wireless.

It was just coming up to the hour and Radio Caroline had gone into commercials mode, so I reached for the remote and switched to The Acid Flashback. The Beatles, singing about Doctor Robert and his shady deals, were just fading out. There was half a second of dead air then a stonking great organ chord, then another and another.

I recognised the music immediately, it was Keith Emerson at the console of the Royal Festival Hall organ and the chords were the opening to The Three Fates from Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s eponymously named debut album from 1970.

I lay back and thought of England, what a marvellous piece of music; even back in the 1970s I thought that The Three Fates was a bit special but then I’ve always been a great admirer of organ music.

What do you think?

As the title may suggest, I wrote this in 2021 and then completely forgot to post it!
Blogging Hell! 😀

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